Opilion is a new ecological furniture serie, born out of love for wood and pure nature. Opilion combines clarity, timelessness and practicality into a unique entity. Re-assembled furnitures brings joy to homes, schools and public spaces.

Opilion wooden design stool oak


Opilion is a new ecological furniture serie, born out of love for wood and pure nature.

Opilion products have been inspired by Finnish nature and forests. They are part of the high-class Finnish design tradition. However, the shape of the products is not independent, but instead enables the versatile innovative properties of the products.


Finnish birch is an excellent material for Opilion furniture. It is an environmentally friendly raw material and emphasizes their clear features.

The ecology is also strengthened by the precise utilization of raw materials and efficient processing. Together, these enable the products’ carbon footprint to remain low. The beauty of the products’ shape is also efficiency. Ecological features are also the durable birch material suitable for long-term use and the high-quality design, which withstands long-term use. Opilion furniture does not get old, it lasts from generation to generation.

Opilion blue design stool. In the background, a white-blue pot with one branch. Next to the pot is a napkin.
Opilion white design stool. In the background is a white-orange pot with three orange flowers.


Opilion furniture is designed for use and life. They are like a jigsaw puzzle that can be disassembled and reassembled without additional accessories. They can be efficiently packed into a small package for storage and transport. And the most important thing is that by modifying the product, they are always suitable for new environments, which increases the different possibilities of use of the products and thus extends the life cycle of the products.


Opilion products were born from the realization of combining a beautiful shape, efficient use of material, interchangeability of pieces, easy assembly and disassembly, and the possibility to pack the whole into a compact package.

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