Personal Data Act (523/1999) § 10
Date of preparation: 16 October 2019

1. Registrar

Opilion Oy
Kauppiaankuja 8
77800 Iisvesi, Finland

Phone : +358 40 589 7877
Email :

2. Contact person in matters concerning the register

Opilion Oy
Kauppiaankuja 8
77800 Iisvesi, Finland

Phone : +358 40 589 7877
Email :

3. Register name

Opilion Oy’s customer and marketing register.

4. Purpose of personal data processing

Personal data is used to manage customer relations, to manage contacts, for marketing purposes and for other purposes related to online services.

5. Data content of the register

The register may contain the following personal and contact information, such as name, address, e-mail address and telephone number.

We also store in the register information about your feedback, message exchanges and other contacts with our customer service, as well as information about marketing consents and prohibitions.

6. Regular sources of information

Personal information is collected from websites when filling out contact forms. In addition, personal data can be collected from the company’s other information systems in use as well as from social media related to the controller’s activities, if the person has separately given consent in writing to the use of the data in Opilion Oy’s customer and marketing register or to its use for marketing purposes. Personal data can also be supplemented from other services that process personal data managed, collected or purchased by the company.

Based on the use of website content, we collect information about users using cookies and similar technologies. This information is not combined with Opilion Oy’s customer and marketing register. (see section Information about cookies on the website). This information is not combined with Opilion Oy’s customer and marketing register. (see section Information about cookies on the website).

7. Regular transfers of information

The data controller may disclose information within the limits permitted and required by the applicable legislation, for example to partners selected by the data controller for marketing purposes, unless the data subject has prohibited such disclosure of their data.

In addition, personal data can be disclosed to the court, police or enforcement authority within the limits permitted and required by the applicable legislation.

8. Data transfer outside the EU or EEA

Data can be transferred outside the EU or the European Economic Area as permitted by the Personal Data Act.

9. Basics of register protection

The personal information in the register is kept confidential. The information network and the hardware on which the register is located are protected by a firewall and other necessary technical measures. Data transfer using the forms is electronically protected. The databases and their backups are located in locked rooms, and only those employees and partners who have the right to process data for their work are entitled to use them.

10. Right of Inspection

The registered person has the right to check the information about him in the customer and marketing register. A written inspection request must be sent signed to the person responsible for registry matters. The inspection request can also be submitted in person at the registered office at the address mentioned above. Inspection requests will be answered as quickly as possible.

11. Correction of information

Registrants have the right to prohibit the use of their data for direct advertising, distance sales or other direct marketing as well as opinion and market research and the right to demand the correction of incorrect data by contacting the person responsible for registry matters or by informing the data controller’s customer service. Changes to the register will be made no later than one month after the announcement.

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